Luancheng men’s burglary with the house to steal 30 yuan a cell phone 特命战队go busters

Luancheng man burglary with renters stole 30 yuan to a mobile phone newspaper news (Reporter Yu Nankai correspondent Gong He) just because of the money, see the same hospital tenants from morning to evening, Haomou is only 30 yuan to choose a burglary. The day before, Luancheng District Public Security Bureau police station Liu Lin Tun cracked the burglary. Suspects Hao was arrested. Xiao Wang, Xiao Zhang is a barber shop staff, two people together in the rental of Xingan street, Luancheng. In October 18th two people to work, ready to take it to buy cigarettes Zhang found himself under his pillow 30 yuan is to ask Wang, take wings to itself, but found that Wang is looking for a mobile phone. Soon two people identified, a lost $30, a lost phone, Zhang immediately called the 110 alarm. At 21:35, Luancheng District Public Security Bureau Liu Lin Tun police station Wang Xiaoke, Zhang Hao arrived at the scene, sure this is a burglary. After careful investigation on the scene, the police found at the scene of a house is three storey building, the rental housing for the three floor of the building in a room. At the same time, Wang Xiaoke police found a house on the windowsill outside clear size shoe. The police will focus on the preliminary investigation on house building tenants. When the investigation, rented in the rented room next door Hao Mou flashing very suspicious. Men’s sports shoes in the window outside rent housing two big yards into the line of sight of the police, the shoes and shoe soles with floral patterns stolen rental legacy code outside the window shaped high similarity. Police on the scene to conduct a questioning Hao, Hao soon confessed himself into the window to enter the house, such as Wang, theft of mobile phones and cash crime facts. It Haomou confessed that he was jobless, recently also found that cash strapped with rented two people in a yard often at the initiation of the idea of burglary. I did not expect the police arrested the same day. At present, the suspect Hao has been Luancheng District Public Security Bureau criminal detention according to law.相关的主题文章: