The opening of the new network – Xi Jinping sent a letter to congratulate the nineteenth Internation 音羽かなで

Xi Jinping sent a letter to congratulate the nineteenth international leprosy conference opening – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing in September 19, the nineteenth session of the international leprosy congress at the opening ceremony of the 19 International Conference Center held in Beijing. President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message, express my sincere congratulations to the convening of the general assembly, to participate in the conference Leprology experts and scholars and guests a warm welcome, to contribute to human health of the domestic and international academic circles leprosy pay homage to all persons. In the letter, Xi Jinping pointed out, creating a "no leprosy world" is the ultimate goal of global leprosy control. The general assembly to terminate the unfinished business – spread, prevention of disability, to promote the integration "as the theme, to promote the early realization of this goal has positive significance. Xi Jinping stressed that the world leprosy prevention project has made great achievements, but still has a long way to go, still need the international community solidarity and cooperation, tough tackling. China will increase its investment and safeguard measures, continue to work with the rest of the world, and actively promote the progress and innovation of leprosy, and promote the eradication of leprosy in China as soon as possible, contributing to the global eradication of leprosy. Vice President Li Yuanchao at the opening ceremony read Xi Jinping’s letter. The conference was organized by the international Leprosy Association, the Chinese Association for the prevention and treatment of leprosy. Representatives from international organizations, non-governmental organizations, China, the United States, India, Brazil and other countries and regions, nearly a hundred well-known experts and scholars and representatives of more than 1300 people attended the meeting.相关的主题文章: