SUV rear muck car stuck husband wife died in Beijing utc行家

SUV rear muck car stuck husband wife died – Beijing, an online news according to Anhui daily news yesterday after 1:30 in the morning, Hefei Magnolia Avenue and the west side of the intersection of Pearl Avenue, a Chery SUV car rear end and a muck car in fast driving. Strong impact, a man and a woman were in the truck, rescue workers arrived, the woman was killed in the driver’s seat. It is understood that the rescue personnel rushed to find a muck car parked in the fast lane, the tail of a white Chery SUV knocked deformed, muck car tail heavy car top SUV broken windshield, steel inserted into the passenger seat. "At that time, two driver and passenger seat was stuck in the car, not out of SUV is equal to the drilling muck truck belly, hit the most serious is the passenger seat." Many onlookers gathered at the roadside, because the door is stuck, unable to rescue rescue personnel. People through the window to the inside propaganda let trapped two people hold on. A witness said, but the people in the propaganda, the woman has no reaction in the car. Soon fire arrived, the driver was saved, but the woman has no vital signs. "In the rescue of the driver, the driver is still shouting to save her wife, his wife did not respond, he was anxious to call." Witnesses said the man was carried out of the car, but also regret not driving, he said after dinner to find a substitute for driving, but did not find, so hard to drive home, did not expect a car accident." It is understood that after the accident, muck truck driver has been on the scene, before the accident, muck car parked in the fast lane. Currently, the district police are investigating the cause of the accident.相关的主题文章: