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The residents in the hidden underground tax bureau "involving more than 30 copies of fake invoices – Beijing, October 13th afternoon, reporters from Xiangyang Fancheng City Public Security Bureau of economic investigation squadron was informed that the Fancheng police cracked a large manufacturing and selling fake invoices case, every Duandiao false invoices manufacturing storage dens, arrested suspects and seized fake invoices, false invoices more than 30 copies that is the history of Xiangyang cracked together the largest case of illegal manufacture of invoices. False invoices manufacturing dens. Correspondent Leng Xiaobing nocturnal, police suspect hidden in a residential area of about 300 square meters of houses, the windows and doors locked, without any access to the middle of the night, but also to pull cargo trucks People are hurrying to and fro., and this is what happens? August of this year, this scene caused the attention of the police in Xiangyang, Fancheng. The police to check the Internet, found that the place is located in Joe Fang Lu Ying Xiao Qu no record in the public security organs. What is this place? What are these late nights coming and going? The police after further investigation found that a claim to " CAI " the Anhui times in Xiangyang purchased a large number of forged vehicle tolls and fuel fee invoice invoice, and sales in the country, and " CAI " each pickup location is the place of the police has been of concern. " this should be a counterfeiting dens. " the police decided 24 hours monitoring of these houses, through several days of the months of waiting, to find out the situation of the dens. In September 22nd, the Fancheng police chouzhunshiji, quickly dispatched, the suspects Shimou arrested. At the scene, police found three large printing machine and printer and a number of fake invoices, there are more than 30 copies of fake invoices, four or five tons of white paper. For the interests of the risk of fraud, it is understood that the 36 year old Shimou Xiangyang Laohekou, before 2013, has been working in Guangzhou, engaged in the printing industry. In 2013, Shimou returned to Xiangyang, rented in Joe Fang Lu Ying Xiao Qu 2 a group headed for " Huang " houses in the printing business, printing only small ads, printed publicity materials such as. In February this year, the history of a chat on the Internet, found online people selling invoices and highway toll in oil and gas well and the price ticket, he had a thought, they intend to print some invoices to sell out, increase income. Because I do not know how to print, the history of the Department also specifically from the Department of freight information to find the car driver to retain the relevant bills, followed by imitation printing home. Design experience in the printing industry for many years, let Shimou debugging after more than and 10 times, he successfully printed the involving Zhejiang, Yunnan, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Shaanxi, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Jiangsu, Heilongjiang and other provinces of the more than and 10 highway toll invoices and some gas tickets. Up to a certain time when the police were arrested, he has contacted through the Internet, sold 16000 copies of false invoices. The production and sale of counterfeit goods, according to detention Shimou after being arrested, was detained according to law. That he violated the law, Shimou regret a previous mistake: " just want to sell some fake invoices made.相关的主题文章: