90 seconds to know the color sweater strikes let us warm winter! (video) 音羽かなで

90 seconds to know the color sweater strikes let us warm winter! [Abstract] it’s time to put on the sweater again. The cold weather would like to put yourself in the sweater! But a lot of sweaters, how to choose to find their own? Fast with weave a look ~ in November, and finally to the good season to wear a sweater, sweaters and all-match and warm items for every girl, no matter what kind of sweater items as long as the collocation is very chic, what kind of sweater for you? [generous good solid sweaters will never fail! Black sweater is necessary for everyone’s wardrobe! But the dark color does not have a little bit of light embellishment always feel a bit monotonous, it is time to draw out the color skirt! Whether or maxi dress with flounces pleated skirts are very good choice. If want to fill out some color on the double light shine winter boots! If you have a lot of sweaters are to hang on, try them on the waist, choose bright colors sweater can lengthen the leg proportion, stripe pattern color plus line structure rendering simple single irregular graphics, full of modern sense of design and oh, will not echo the heavy skirt. Can also choose irregular sweaters, travel LOOK is simply not so nice ~ can also cleverly conceal the shortcomings of figure Oh ~ a skirt collocation Meimei Street ~ pure downneck million years all-match, if you want to be in color coat work! Whether or dustcoat woollen overcoat is a good choice, if the coat no highlights, a pair of socks is very exquisite color ~ in sweaters plus a T-shirt is a very popular this year. Wear the edge exposed very carefully think it ~ the focus is also very warm! The United States and the United States who will refuse the street? Colorful sweater who do not want to try? But need more garish color collocation techniques such as oh ~ can echo each other in the choice of shoes and sweater color besides black and grey color and pollution-free is also a good choice. If you want to make yourself a little warmer in the winter ~ Mao skirt is also very good! But the petite woman is suitable oh ~2016 Vitoria’s Secret lingerie show December 6th hot hits! Sexy supermodel beautiful wings are inserted, Tencent invites you to watch the 2016 sexiest visual feast here: 2 minutes down when supermodel: Victoria Secret Angel bust maximum but C? You can also practice the perfect line [Abstract] to the season to wear a sweater, cold weather want to own the whole shrink in the sweater absolutely cute burst table! But a lot of sweaters, how to choose to find their own? Fast with weave a look ~ to wear Oversize sweater season, think the people huddled in the big sweater, absolutely Meng da! So Q style can not treat cold, add some color, pattern, this flower was fashionable sweater! This is the full dress and age reduction tool, head style simple with specific color pattern, beautiful suction eye, lively and lovely little girl show side, can also take the shirt, the feeling of the wind out of school. Loose sweater style is very thin, so do not have to worry about what color to choose 8相关的主题文章: