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Really practical! Turbo owners should know five things – because the Sohu automobile Turbocharged Automotive has the following advantages, such as fuel, the same displacement power stronger, purchase tax reduction, Chinese consumer choice caused more and more to buy turbocharged models, and automobile manufacturers due to the displacement regulations and Chinese in order to cater to consumer preferences, but also have launched their own the turbocharged models, so the Japanese manufacturers even always adhere to naturally aspirated, like civic 1.5T, Carola 1.2T. The turbocharged models and naturally aspirated models due to the power system is different, so in terms of normal use and maintenance, the nature is also different, we talk about the turbocharger owners should understand the things. The relationship between the engine speed and the power output of the turbine engine turbine speed can be achieved by the maximum torque at the lowest speed to judge. So if you want enough power, it is necessary to keep the engine speed at the maximum torque speed. Because before the intervention, the turbocharged engine compression ratio is low, the working efficiency of the engine is very low, not enough dynamic output, economy will worsen, that is not fuel-efficient. Avoid cold car floor oil cold car state, oil is generally in the oil sump, if the engine has not been fully lubricated, high speed load will directly increase the engine wear. A naturally aspirated engine like this, not to mention the turbocharged models, the turbocharger rotor to tens of thousands per minute to rotate at high speed, can be said that the turbocharger lubrication is very important, but also damage the turbocharger is often burned due to improper lubrication. Pay attention to clean the turbo engine cleaner should be cleaned regularly to prevent air cleaner, dust and other impurities into the high-speed rotation of the compressor impeller speed, causing instability or sleeve and seal wear. Engine oil and filter must be kept clean to prevent impurities from entering, otherwise the oil lubricating capacity is reduced, resulting in premature termination of the turbocharger. When the engine can not be turned off immediately after intense driving, some of the oil is supplied to the turbocharger rotor bearing lubrication and cooling. The engine running after a sudden stop, rapid decline in oil pressure is zero, the turbocharger bearing shell of the heat can not be quickly away, while still in the inertia turbocharger rotor under the effect of rotating speed, will cause the turbocharger oil remaining inside the overheated bearings and shaft damage. But not absolute, TSI turbocharged engine Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, due to the delayed cooling system, so in the parking lot can be used immediately after flameout, no longer running idle for a few minutes. The use of oil for the supercharged engine, its piston, crankshaft, connecting rod and other components are strengthened, the engine than the ordinary natural intake of the crankshaft, connecting rod with higher strength. It is also because of the poor working conditions of these components, so the engine oil level must be guaranteed, recommended use of SM grade oil, or grade and viscosity coefficient is not less than the original standard oil. As the saying goes, it is easy to buy a car, if you do not want to premature damage to the car!相关的主题文章: