Turkey forces killed 3 soldiers in northern Syria – Sohu news 小坂めぐる

The Turkey army was attacked in northern Syria killed 3 soldiers – Sohu Ankara 9 September, Xinhua News (reporter Zou Le Shi Chun) 9, Turkey armed forces in northern Syria were attacked, killing 3 soldiers and wounding 1 soldiers. According to the Turkey Daoan news agency reported that the Turkey military tanks on the evening of 9 in northern Syria by extremist organization Islamic state armed shelling, killing 3 Turkey soldiers killed and 1 soldiers were wounded. Turkey’s prime minister Yildirim told the media that Turkey will continue to promote the "Euphrates shield" military action in northern Syria code, to fight against the Islamic state and other terrorist organizations, and the establishment of a security zone in northern syria. He said the primary goal of Turkey’s military operations is to safeguard Turkey’s own security. Turkey’s Armed Forces General Staff said in a statement the same day, the day of the launch of the Turkey fighter against the northern Syrian Islamic state target air strikes, destroyed 4 targets. In August 24th, the Turkey army launched code named "shield of the Euphrates" military operations, crossed the border into the northern part of the town of Gela Bo Ruth, North Korea to fight against the Islamic state and Kurdish armed targets. In this regard, the Syrian government to strongly condemn it as a flagrant violation of Syrian sovereignty. (end)相关的主题文章: