Du Chun as a producer of Ge You fix broken piece in the circle of friends rewrite攻略�

Du Chun as a producer of "Ge You" fix broken piece of sun circle of friends Sina entertainment news on September 26th, "micro shadow era" brand strategy conference held in Beijing, activities, Du Chun [micro-blog] to the producer is the identity of the new film "broken" boot film debut, and released the debut film of his own production of luxury lineup team. Known as "Ge You the man behind the" Du Chun invited Ge You featuring new movie actor, impressive. This is following the movie "die romantic history", two people together again. Besides, the film also invited Du Chun from a friend for twelve years almost all of the circle, all good. Du Chun and Ge You as a producer of the first two degrees of cooperation in the conference site, do announced its movies in production "broken" piece of propaganda posters for producer Du Chun. The formation of ultra luxury lineup of stars also revealed the tip of the iceberg, but he also said the mysterious all the actors in the film have different image appearance, as the film sold off, has become a very brisk work to promote the "micro shadow era" project. "Broken piece" called "comedy", Du Chun said: "because of the" (GE) uncle, so first of all is the drama." Two degrees of cooperation and this is Du Chun and Ge You, the two film starred together "romantic history" is also about to die in December 23rd of this year’s Lunar New Year stalls debut, Du Chun is also known as "the man behind Ge You in the film". Du Chun tells the film "broken piece" the inspiration: "everyone in life will encounter more or less drink the drink, and after the fragment people to do anything is reasonable, what things can be done, which also gave the film creation infinite possibilities." And laugh at yourself is: "each type of drink, will". "Broken piece" the all star team gathered Du Chun friend for twelve years as a producer Du Chun announced in addition to the actor Ge You, Yue Yunpeng [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Bao Beier, Xiao Shenyang, Chen [micro-blog] [micro-blog], O Sa (Chariene Choi [micro-blog]) and other heavyweight Star surfaced one by one, so strong the lineup, called the comedy the most anticipated movies in recent years. The film’s other producer Liang Chao revealed that the current cast is only a small part, there will be more surprises in the back. In the film producer and starred in the dual role of Du Chun joked, he invited almost from Nortel after graduation, for twelve years all friends, so the "broken" piece is Du Chun’s luxury circle of friends, it is not difficult to see that his popularity. In the film "broken" in Du Chun area will be the first challenge comedy show, do not know in advance preparation and study, Du Chun also recently participated in Zhejiang TV comedy reality show "Nemo" recording, upright Du Chun comedy is also very exciting.相关的主题文章: