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At the age of 5 women trafficked to Shandong after 28 years DNA than help mother and daughter reunite separated 28 years later, the mother and daughter were reunited. (left: mother Li Qingfen; right: daughter, Tang Ping) "Mom, take a break." On the morning of October 26th 6, the office issued in Chiping County of Liaocheng City, Lei village, 53 year old Li Qingfen got up early to help her daughter Tang Ping cleaning, for Li Qingfen, everything is happening just as in a dream of happiness. 28 years ago, Tang Ping, a 5 year old man, was abandoned to rural Liaocheng by traffickers. 28 years changed a lot, but did not change the belief that the mother and daughter reunited. In a number of places, met countless setbacks, the mother and daughter finally embrace together. Lose an orange abducted the beloved daughter if I could do it again, Li Qingfen never want to go back to that day — October 11, 1988. That morning, Li Qingfen got up early in order to make a living, simple meal, packed up to leave rental housing, ready to take the train to go to the next city selling fruit, she told the 5 year old daughter Tang Ping in her home. Li Qingfen Powell left Tang Ping while grandma do not pay attention to out of the rental market, came to the door looking for mom. There are so many people in the market that don’t find her mother. At this time, a more than and 30 year old woman picked up an orange to Tang Ping, said Tang Ping to find his mother, Tang Ping disappeared in the crowd. Until noon, father Tang Zonggui found her gone, startled, took to the streets looking for. Witnesses give feedback to Tang Zonggui clues point to the more than and 30 years old woman, Tang Zonggui realized that her daughter may have been abducted. The alarm, the man looking around, Tang Zonggui realized the seriousness of the matter. In the communication developed in Tang Zonggui sent to another city in the fruit Li Qingfen message. Li Qingfen knew that her daughter had been lost for second days when she heard the news. The following days, the couple continued like crazy as a bus to Panzhihua station, train stations and other places to find their daughter, over and over again to passers-by, looking for people to completely rely on oral, because of limited economic conditions, 5 year old daughter, nor a photo. "I heard that children will be sold in remote areas, where, where not good, where I find." Li Qingfen said that he and her husband around looking for the child, the money ran out on the loan, and finally unable to pay, while doing business to make money, while looking for her daughter. The thinking woman eager Li Qingfen soon fell ill for two consecutive months out of bed; Tang Ping’s grandmother tears, finally cry blind eyes. Li Qingfen could not remember how many times, how many roads, how many dreams about her daughter…… She often a person in tears. Nightmare traffickers abandoned her in thousands of miles away in the Tang Ping vague memories, she was away, came a woman, Tang Ping was the two woman with a car, sit again on the train, she did not know where to go. "They give me food, I can’t find my mother, they don’t cry." As for the next time not beaten, Tang Ping can not remember, but she can be sure that those who abducted her very fierce. I do not know a few days later, Tang Ping was taken to a.相关的主题文章: