Microsoft released two new semantic computing model to help the computer to understand what is commo carmex润唇膏

Microsoft released two new semantic computing model, help computers understand "what is knowledge" – Sohu technology geeks Park micro signal: geekpark artificial intelligence when we note in the discussion of artificial intelligence, and we usually discussed in the weak ai. Although our existing resources and is different before it was deployed in the cloud — has massive computing resources like water and electricity as the Internet to accommodate with extreme ease; the information is also far more than the past thousands of years people all knowledge; to deep learning such as machine learning algorithm development, also let the computer can acquire knowledge from these huge data. But we also have to face some of the facts: the artificial intelligence is more for a specific problem, the development of corresponding algorithms and techniques, and then assemble a complete out intelligent system. This way of working is probably equivalent to a combination of the model: the visual module, voice module, reasoning module and other sub areas of the function to do a good job, and then put them together. As the puzzle of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more complete, scientists are still asking themselves: can computers really be as intelligent as humans? What do we need to do to make computers have the ability to learn like human beings? Recently, Microsoft Asia Research Institute released the Microsoft Concept Graph and Microsoft Concept Tagging model of knowledge map, these two tools are used to help the machine to better understand human communication and Semantic Computing (for more information, but what is access to apple? You may realize that a lot of the time to help you judge is not something that can be clearly listed in the book, but a lot of common sense concept. For example, "the pen is a writing tool", "the pen is vertical can be squeezed in the hand", "apple is a fruit or a company" and so on. Now, how intelligent is the computer? It may be an easy job to do over a thirty or forty year old veteran of the world’s top players, but its learning ability and ability to complete the general task may be far less than a three or four year old child. From the beginning of the study and development of human beings, the researchers try to find a solution to the gradual realization of machine intelligence. The answer to this question may be "common sense". People in the formal primary school, junior high school to receive systematic education, has begun to learn the process of early. This innate instinct can let you enter primary school before have known as "sugar is sweet food" and "water is a liquid a basic concept, and with the increase of age, this does not belong to the common sense of opening a special field of days and months multiplying in people s cognition, and enrich. Microsoft Asia Research Institute released Microsoft Concept Graph is trying to let the computer copy these common sense concept, its core knowledge base contains more than 5 million 400 thousand concepts. In addition to containing some of the most相关的主题文章: