Shanghai police cracked rat case involving over billion yuan naughty怎么读

Shanghai police cracked the "rat" case involving over billion yuan in new Shanghai on 20 September, (Li Shuzhi) Shanghai police held a press conference said on the 20, Shanghai police uncovered involving 1.2 Yiyuyi yuan (RMB, same below) of the rat case, fled offshore suspect Liu was successfully persuaded return. According to the Shanghai police said that in December 2015, the Commission found a former deputy general manager of a well-known insurance company in Shanghai, Liu accounts abnormal trading. After the audit found that the existence of the use of a securities account Ryu carry out rat trading suspects. Liu due to the convenience of the position, allowing access to a large number of stock investment information. In the face of the temptation of money, he ignored the law, help others hailun securities account, the buying has access to stock investment information, touch the red line of the law. Liu in the Commission will transfer the case to the public security department, fled abroad. Shanghai public security department after receiving the case, the investigation found that from January 2014 to February 2015, the suspect Liu served as investment manager of an insurance Limited by Share Ltd "traditional insurance products", the management of these products account investment position of authority, master of undisclosed information trading stocks, help others trading securities account, trading the same wantonly with the products account for the shares, the transaction amount up to 1.2 million yuan, suspected of using undisclosed information trading. But this time, Liu had fled abroad, only one from Shanghai to Jeju flights, leaving investigators. The investigators through combing the investigation and careful analysis of Liu fled before the clues to determine the trajectory of Liu fled from South Korea fled to the United States, the pursuit of work started immediately. At the same time, because of Liu’s wife and parents are still in the territory, the decision of the public security organ at the same time for Liu’s wife to carry out work. After more than two months to persuade and efforts by Liu wife communication "bridge", Liu said they are willing to return to surrender. August 31st, Liu took two children to fly home, landed at Shanghai Pudong Airport. On the same day, Liu was forced to bail the police leniency measures. Shanghai police said that the essence of the use of undisclosed information transaction crime, the broker’s customer loyalty to the food price behavior, it is commonly known as rat". This kind of behavior violates the basic principle of honesty and credibility of the specific employees, at the same time, it damages the interests of the company and the industry. The public security organs will continue to increase with the supervision departments together on illegal securities market efforts to purge. (end) more exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: