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The annual meeting of global central bank on the market waiting for the Fed Sina moment "fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Jackson Holzer, global central bank annual meeting will be held in the local time on August 25th to 27, as an important window of sound Fed policy, Fed chairman Yellen’s speech will be highly concerned by the market, the global market will be waiting for the Fed time". In the past, the signal will be served as chairman of the Federal Reserve used the occasion to release the direction of monetary policy. For example, in August 2010 Jackson global central bank annual meeting, when he was chairman of the Federal Reserve hinted that further easing of policy, then the second round of quantitative easing in November officially launched in of this year, the round. Market participants expect the fed to raise interest rates in the next period of time clues, and Yellen will make a speech on the 26, but the market is generally expected to reiterate that the pace of interest rate hike will slow this argument, Yellen. Economics.Swonk Yellen, chief executive officer of DS, a research firm, predicts that Mr Swonk will be very cautious and will not give any signal to the Fed’s interest rate hike in September of this year, according to Diane. From this speech to the 20 meeting of the U.S. Federal Reserve in September next year before the meeting, the United States will release the report of the three inflation data, Yellen will certainly leave their choice. In addition, the Federal Reserve announced in July monetary policy meeting minutes showed that the Fed officials agreed that at the start before the next interest rates need to be cautious, but whether there is a big difference in interest rates as soon as possible. However, CNBC finance Oprah Cramer believes that if the hawkish tone of Yellen’s speech, or will lead to "crash" a repeat of last August. The most close to the Fed’s mind a report – discount rate meeting minutes show that in July this year, seeking to raise the base lending rate – the discount rate of the local Federal Reserve to eight. In November last year, before the Fed rate hike in the conference on the discount rate in December, to support the rate of increase in the local bank of the discount rate is only nine. The Federal Reserve in December last year to start the first time in 10 years to raise interest rates, began to slow the normalization of monetary policy. But after the factor of economic growth is less than expected, the volatility of financial markets, the Fed has been halt the troops and wait. At present, the probability of the Fed interest rate futures show before the end of December the rate hike has been from the beginning of August 36% to 53%. In addition, the theme of this year’s annual meeting is the design of flexible future monetary policy framework". Merrill Lynch is expected to focus on this theme, the participants may mention some of the lessons learned in the future monetary policy and lessons learned from the crisis. To stimulate the economy, Europe and Japan’s central bank are experimenting with negative interest rates and asset purchases, looking for ways to further ease the currency. The Bank of England has been stimulated by the withdrawal of Europe, to cut interest rates and the new asset purchase plan introduced stimulus measures. In addition to the Federal Reserve, the market is also highly concerned about the European central bank governor Delagi speech at the annual meeting, because after the referendum in Europe, the European Central Bank has not taken any further measures. On the world’s major financial markets相关的主题文章: