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I do not know where to go on the weekend? More than 60 kinds of night food market! The Sohu and local native gormandizer make painstaking efforts. The recommended route tourists can not feel delicious! The city of Zhengzhou railway opened ~ 40 minutes go to eat, N night market snacks wall walk way South Street, North Gulou night Bookstore Bookstore Street length 700 meters on foot completely out of a universe to eat the delicacy of the night of the most popular Gulou station is this! Long before children booth of the proposed team split up a people queuing up to buy this jelly another team to buy other 3 kinds of anthraquinone anthraquinone – night market snacks big entrance really fun though jelly jelly block but is not generally full of tasty bean sauce and garlic and stir fry out of their own unique special flavor jelly ordinary address: Drum Tower Temple Street and Ma Street Night Market Street: 6 yuan per capita to eat the second station Li four baked gluten two stalls son the right hand side of the left side of the booth booth children pay the son to take the fish tofu – baked gluten free anthraquinone anthraquinone. Lotus-Leaf-Shaped Pancake brush sauce and then roll fish tofu or baked gluten. Gulou South Street Bookstore per night market: 4 yuan to eat the station is located in the families of the steamed stuffed bun beam alley shop accidentally put the people in line Alley full of steamed steamer for tickets in the alley door left a charge directly after the aunt said several buns OK – Nitrile nitrile Daliang steamed meat bun is a must only it can do soup buns eaten hot with gravy, Bao Zipi and meat stuffing. Address: south entrance opened the bookstore Street 76: 3 yuan per capita to eat the 4th station fast food restaurant, rice noodle wrapper, everything on the table and homemade chili peppers and curry powder wrapper is super super super tough nitrile nitrile – Rose Xinjiang nut cake?! Osmanthus sauce and rose sauce aroma stores will end up stainless steel spoon convenient food Street No. 34 store address: Xinjiang nut cake: 7 yuan per capita to eat Fifth Station Golden Fruit pancake stalls three Qi Qizuo 9 yuan oversize One divides into two. half a mistaken complete pancake Guo Zijian Yee eat a can of anthraquinone nitrile – green onion, coriander is standard if you do not want to eat can say in advance from super must be eaten while hot, the leaves will not cover crisp address: Street Bookstore: 9 yuan per capita crossroads No. 6 station to eat a hundred years old American queen Gong Tinggao point of choice is sweet and salty roses, sweet scented osmanthus, jujube paste, salt and pepper nitrile nitrile – packaging and so on to take home as souvenirs of classical is also opening characteristics of each pie printed on their taste The word to avoid a struggle to distinguish between taste sweet and salty Pie: address North and South North Street Bookstore (Xinhua Bookstore): 20 yuan per capita, the station building to eat noodle by diners favorite is actually full of noodles Chili oil cucumber, a bowl of tofu yuan相关的主题文章: