Media how to solve the shortage of children’s drug market supply – Sohu review 月丘うさぎ

Media: how to solve the shortage of children’s drug market supply? – lack of children’s drug supply is Sohu review observers of the market norm, to achieve the solution of the problem, the government can tax, stimulate the pharmaceutical companies to produce drugs for children. September 13th, the first session of the conference on the dissemination and development of child safety drugs held in Beijing, medical, academic, research, production and other representatives of the parties to discuss the problem of drug safety in children breaking the road. Southern Medicine Economic Research Institute released the 2016 children’s drug safety report white paper shows: China’s children’s adverse drug reaction rate is 2 times that of adults, and children’s proprietary drugs are less than 2%. The existing 3500 kinds of drugs, specifically for children only 60, only 1.7% of the total. The more than 6 thousand pharmaceutical factories, specializing in the production of children’s medication only more than 10. Drug shortage in children, has plagued the community for many years. Some people say that the pharmaceutical enterprises lack of social responsibility, do not produce children’s drugs, in fact, they also have difficulties. Children’s drug profits thin, it is difficult to stimulate interest in pharmaceutical production. The dose is important for determining prices, children’s medicine ingredient content is low, the price certainly can not go. And the market "with the price scale" phenomenon, the children of medicinal little volume, pharmaceutical companies to full capacity production, cost reduction is not easy. Plus the children do not participate in the highest rate of reimbursement of medical insurance for urban workers, and pediatric diseases in outpatient treatment, outpatient costs less than the overall compensation, various factors, in all ages, children’s doctor reimbursement of the lowest percentage of children in the field of medicine to the health insurance fund accounted for at least. The medical insurance fund do not buy it, the more thin profits of drugs for children. In addition, children’s drug development and approval of the high cost, but also to dispel the enthusiasm of pharmaceutical companies. In fact, in a perfectly competitive market, lack of children’s drug supply is normal, the intervention of children’s medication by the government to stimulate production of pharmaceutical companies, it is difficult to avoid. It also has many international experience, such as the United States, Europe, Japan and other regions, with the law to promote enterprise investment and development of drugs for children, including measures taken to develop children’s drug enterprises preferential tax, product market protection period longer, faster approval, etc.. So, we want to stimulate the domestic children’s drug market vitality, must solve the problem of children drug development and approval of drugs for children, moderately reduce the approval threshold, can also be directly recognized, the purchase of foreign research and development achievements, while reducing children’s drug import tariffs. We can take tax breaks, government subsidies and other ways to expand children’s drug profits, improve the production enthusiasm of the children’s medicine pharmaceutical research and development. In terms of Medicare reimbursement, medical insurance fund to increase the proportion of reimbursement for children to see a doctor. Children are our future, we need the care of the whole society. The government should support the children’s medicine production of pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical enterprises should bear social responsibility properly, can not be said to have to give the government a huge subsidies to R & D and production of drugs for children, as long as they have the appropriate profit, you can. Pharmaceutical companies want to make money, or to work in the adult drug market. Luo Zhihua (Doctor)相关的主题文章: