Beijing morning news this ceremony will become the opening ceremony of Mo – View – 乃々果花

Beijing morning news: "this ceremony" will become the opening ceremony of Mo – View – original title: "this ceremony" will become the opening ceremony is to wear clothes, cinnabar, calligraphy…… Another year to start the season, some schools will be the opening ceremony and traditional elements of the new combination. The entrance open pen ceremony reports Lvjian newspapers, and was dubbed "the traditional etiquette" name. "This ceremony" is really the ancient traditional etiquette? In this regard, some scholars say, the so-called "beginning ceremony", but not China tradition, in the creation of "local etiquette". (Beijing in September 8th) to "wear Hanfu, cinnabar, calligraphy" a "beginning ceremony", it is natural and Chinese traditional culture and etiquette together. Because it is the traditional culture and etiquette, there is the need to inherit and carry forward. However, for such a called "traditional etiquette" name "beginning ceremony", scholars think it is a "fake", this viewpoint, will inevitably reduce the "beginning ceremony" value. "This ceremony is not the traditional etiquette and culture, is worth carrying forward, it is doubtful. "Although this ceremony is not China traditional etiquette, but wear Hanfu, cinnabar, calligraphy is indeed Chinese traditional cultural elements. "Speaking from the beginning ceremony" content, traditional culture is still very strong, the cultural heritage of the role is allow all doubt. At the same time, to salute Confucius like, reading "the Analects of Confucius", learn to write the word "person", cinnabar Kai Chi, listen to teachers message, officially became a student. In this way, let the children of this age to know what to do, what to do is good, what is not good for the growth of students is still of great benefit. However, the form is for content services. "This ceremony" this ritual, seems to be too much attention to the form and ignore the content. Especially the color of the Hanfu, like Confucius to salute, for such ignorant children, the result may be "fun". From the beginning ceremony "was mistaken for Chinese traditional etiquette and spread, we illustrate the current education for the traditional etiquette and culture of superstition and worship, a blind, therefore, for some of the traditional etiquette, can be in the school of mining and inheritance. But not blindly follow the trend, the herd, but can not let them into the school "will open ceremony". (commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: