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Guangzhou garbage crisis and source reduction imminent – Beijing Yangcheng Evening News reporter Liang Yitao, Cheng Guangwei correspondent reports: Guangzhou garbage crisis reproduction. In Guangzhou city garbage classification in senior seminar held yesterday, Guangzhou City Management Committee informed that Guangzhou waste output compared to the same period last year continued to grow, eventually re emergency treatment facilities. For the garbage crisis, just took office, Guangzhou City Management Committee Director Tao Zhenguang called to please the public garbage from the source reduction. The amount of waste landfill and emergency early growth because of the promotion of garbage and achieved certain results, garbage classification work in Guangzhou in the country a lot of honor. But now Guangzhou garbage siege crisis. According to the briefing, from 1 to August this year, the total amount of domestic waste treatment in Guangzhou grew by more than last year, with an average of 19 thousand tons of garbage disposal in Guangzhou in August, an increase of 12.94%. Rapid growth in the amount of garbage". Compared with the rapid increase in the amount of garbage, reflecting the effectiveness of garbage classification data showed no increase in the trend of reduction. Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of Urban Management Commission, also known as residents (classification) lack of power, the effect is less than expected classification". The rapid growth of the amount of garbage classification, the effect is less than expected, leading to final disposal facilities tight again. Guangzhou City Management Committee informed that in September 28th, Guangzhou "Sixth District Service Xingfeng landfill, June 2017" could fill". To replace the Xingfeng landfill of Guangzhou third thermal power plant resources field processing function, until June 2018 is expected to be completed and put into operation. The Sixth District next year how to handle garbage? A group of severe data, so that the city has been appointed director of the Urban Management Committee of the town of Tao GF worry: I feel we garbage siege problem, or more prominent." Tao Zhenguang said, from 1998 to 2003 he served as deputy mayor in Baiyun District, Guangzhou daily garbage output was only 7000 tons, now has reached nearly twenty thousand tons per day. "We Sixth District garbage, mainly rely on landfill (processing), next June Xingfeng landfill has been estimated (full, third resource thermal power plant) to June 2018 (Jian Cheng), the next 18 years from June to June we sixth area every 10 thousand to 12 thousand tons of garbage to where to go?" Tao Zhenguang said that the urban management department to deal with the problem of garbage siege, to do a lot of work to think a lot of ways. "We see the light, but we haven’t solved the problem yet." Tao Zhenguang said that Guangzhou also need to face the problem of garbage siege. The city launched a garbage classification mobilization for solving the siege of garbage, in addition to speeding up the final treatment facilities, Tao Zhenguang gave an increase in the source of this path reduction. And increase the source reduction, first of all to change the living habits, the problem of reducing the source of imminent, garbage classification to mobilize the whole society". In addition, Tao Zhenguang said that Guangzhou still adhere to the legalization of waste disposal. He said that after the relevant regulations have been garbage classification in Guangzhou, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of housing is also preparing to introduce compulsory classification system. For already tense.相关的主题文章: