The incidence rate of 110 thousand male patients with diabetes mellitus in Wenzhou was higher than t 高达08ms小队

Wenzhou 3 years by 110 thousand patients with diabetes incidence of men than women are hearing temperature in yesterday’s city health Chinese for the theme of the campaign launching ceremony cum Diabetes Day theme of the campaign, the CDC released the Wenzhou diabetes "big data". Data show that, 2013~2015, the city reported a total of 118653 cases of new cases of diabetes, including patients over the age of 40 accounted for more than 88.12% of middle-aged men with diabetes than women. Lucheng health map was released for the first time at the meeting. Which age has the most diabetes? 2013~2015 years, the city reported 118653 cases of new cases of diabetes, the average annual incidence of the disease was reported in, 88.12% of patients with a concentration of more than 40 years old, and mainly concentrated in the age of 50~70. Zhang Aiming, director of the hospital of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, explained that this is a typical feature of diabetes in the elderly. The incidence of diabetes in a younger age: 10 years of age the incidence rate data for 103 thousand and 610 2015 27 thousand and 110 at the age of 10~19 incidence shows under the age of 10 diabetic patients with 15 cases, the youngest only two years old. Why is the incidence of middle-aged men higher than women? 40 years old ~49 years old group of children aged ~59 years old group of 11 million 661 thousand and 310 years of age ~49 years old group of 3 million 725 thousand and 10 years of age of ~59 years old group of 10 million 705 thousand and 710 why the incidence of middle-aged men will be higher than that of women in the group of 6 million 116 thousand and 310 years old years old in the group of years old Zhang Aiming analysis, adult patients with diabetes are mostly type 2 diabetes, the age of men relative to women, the greater the pressure of life and smoking, drinking and other bad habits related." Some patients do not control the diet for a long time, overweight and obesity, and diabetes. It is reported that the city over 18 years of age overweight overweight and obesity rates were 25.89% and 5.88%. Over the past 3 years, the city reported a total of 3936 cases of diabetes deaths, of which more than 65 years of age accounted for the death of all cases of diabetes deaths of about 84.96%. Do you know the health facilities at home? At the ceremony, the City Planning Commission announced the first Lucheng health map, the map of the regional layout of a health park, 2 healthy trail and 12 healthy hut. Members of the public can monitor blood pressure, blood sugar and other changes in these healthy hut, hut also provides part of the detection of osteoporosis. Wei Planning Commission official said, I hope the map allows the public to further establish the concept of self health management, often in the park around the fitness exercise, at home next to the health of the hut to monitor health.相关的主题文章: