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Hengda sales before September this year has exceeded 280 billion yuan   a record of real estate industry — people.com.cn     Chinese people news 2016 called the real estate in the history of a landmark year, on the one hand, the industry’s first housing prices is 300 billion; on the other hand, housing prices for the first time in the big brother throne easy to master for more than ten years. Leading all this is a strong momentum in recent years hengda.     October 10th, Hengda released sales briefing in September, this year, total sales of 280 billion 580 million, in one fell swoop beyond Vanke, the world’s first housing prices to establish the status.     over the past ten years, Vanke has no shortage of challengers, but has never been a real impact. Hengda this showed extraordinary pace of development, has become the key to its success tiaola giants veteran." An industry analyst said.     data show that Evergrande in recent years, the average annual sales growth of more than 50%, while Vanke is only about 20%. The explosive growth in the second half of this year is particularly evident: the first half of the year, Evergrande and Vanke is still as high as 48 billion 200 million of the sales gap, but from the beginning of July, Hengda monthly sales exceeded 40 billion, quickly ran out of the counter ultra 170000 "acceleration".     which, in September sales reached 47 billion 520 million, up by 323.6% year on year, once again leading Vanke, so far, Hengda has been a single monthly sales over the past three months in a row of Vanke, the leading rate of up to 57%, respectively, 141% and 87%, respectively.     the concern is that the bright younger generation listed since 2009, total assets, operating income, net profit, the cash balance increased by 15 times, 24 times, 16 times, 15 times..     Hengda 9 month performance that is more than the industry’s annual sales record, but also to the industry for its annual results have more expectations. It can be predicted that this year Hengda will exceed the 300 billion target, the annual sales growth is expected to reach more than 100%, becoming the first real estate giant sales of 400 billion." The analysts pointed out that.     and according to the announcement of the restructuring announcement Hengda October 3rd, its 2017-2019 sales will reach 450 billion, 500 billion, 550 billion.   (commissioning editor: Wu Zhenguo, Sun Hongli)相关的主题文章: