Xi Jinping returned to his alma mater to visit teachers and students congratulations on Teach beef怎么读�

Xi Jinping returned to his alma mater, the teachers and students to visit   congratulations on Teachers’ day — Education — people.com.cn original title: Xi Jinping returned to his alma mater to visit teachers and students celebrate the teacher’s day on 9 September, xinhuanet.com Beijing in the thirty-second teachers’ day, the 9 day morning, general Secretary Xi Jinping came to the city of Beijing is located in the Haidian District Bayi school teachers and students to visit the holiday greetings to our teachers and educators. Xi Jinping used to spend time in elementary school and junior high school. The Bayi school created by Marshal Nie Rongzhen in 1947 in Hebei Fuping Rongzhen school development, is a modern history of schools. Xi Jinping fondly recalled himself in the Bayi school study time in the library, Xi Jinping pointed to the 50s school plane said, here is the hall, which is the restaurant, this is the dormitory I lived…… General secretary: "it is moved by sight of childhood." During a visit to the exhibition history, when to see the photo archives, their teachers and classmates, Xi Jinping fondly recalled primary school and junior high school school time. When talking about the teachers and classmates, familiar to the general secretary said their name, tells many interesting stories. Xi Jinping looked at the side, while asked to remember, with emotion: "I miss that time. No matter where you go, I will miss his alma mater, keep in touch with his alma mater." Xi Jinping said to the students: Your Small Satellite Launch Notification science small satellite classroom for me and Xi Jinping walked into the Bayi School of Aerospace Science and technology group Chinese Aerospace Talents Development Exchange Center jointly organized, carefully watch the students being developed China’s first middle school science small satellite, to guide teachers and students to understand the content and characteristics of satellite experiment function. Xi Jinping said to the students, you are great, when I go to school, that is, the assembly of an ore radio. You from the middle school on the cultivation of scientific literacy, the development of interest and expertise, lay a solid foundation in the future to continue to study in this area of professional knowledge, coherence, this is very good. Don’t forget to let me know when your small satellites are launched. Xi Jinping: education reform should adhere to the cultural self-confidence Xi Jinping into the teaching building a teacher’s office, is preparing the desk teachers have got up to the general secretary. Xi Jinping asked in detail about their work and life, to understand the school curriculum and their feelings about the education reform. The general secretary said, our education reform should adhere to the cultural self-confidence, good experience to adhere to, enough to be filled. Xi Jinping to watch the football training of primary school students: to a group of football players Bayi school wide playground, the students are carrying out a variety of sports activities. Small football players dribbling training under the guidance of a teacher, has attracted the attention of the general secretary. See the general secretary to the teacher Hello, small players excited ran to say hello to Xi grandpa. General secretary went to the middle of the children, took a few small players shoulder, smiled and said to everyone, more than 50 years ago, I played in this place. When the soil or place. Our team won the championship in Beijing and won the fourth place in the national competition. General secretary said to the children, look at me now the body is so good, are相关的主题文章: