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LV in China the 7 stores spread abroad make stores into the exhibition hall – LV news Sohu since the end of last year in Chinese closed shop for global luxury brands Chinese visual Louis Weedon (LV) recently closed Suzhou only one store. Because of a serious decline in performance, since the end of last year, LV closed shop in succession in Chinese staged drama. LV service hotline staff yesterday told reporters BYD, for all customers, the LV can provide O2O online shopping service, free courier. The status of LV closed 7 stores in the official website of LV in Huayi, Suzhou Taihua mall LV store service phone still, but has been unable to get through. The official website of LV service hotline staff told reporters BYD, which is located in Suzhou Canglang District People’s Road stores have been closed, if you want to buy LV products, you can go to the nearby city — Wuxi, Shanghai stores, or by telephone shopping form. It is understood that two years ago, LV launched O2O online shopping service mode, after consumers on its website to browse selected products, remember the product number, call the customer service telephone consultation ordering. Next LV customer service will send a message to pay, consumers can pay online through unionpay. Unified product from Shanghai headquarters to Beijing from order to delivery, consumers need about two days time, free courier, and online and offline products exactly the same price. LV customer service is strongly recommended consumers try O2O online shopping, because the number of physical stores in the sharp reduction. Since the end of last year, LV started staged closed shop tide in Chinese. According to media survey found that a year, LV has been closed in Guangzhou, Harbin, Urumqi, Shanghai, Taiyuan, Tianjin, Suzhou 7 brand stores. According to the latest LVMH reported a slowdown in the rate of expansion in China group announced that the mainland and Hongkong area and close the unreasonable one, Chinese stores, LV stores in the middle of the year before the closure of nearly 20%, and in addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou three city, other city LV stores may be at most one home. It is understood that a total of 4 LV stores in Financial Street, Wangfujing, Beijing SKP and China World Trade Center mall. LV’s explanation for this year’s worst performance growth in eight years, as a result of the closure of Chinese shops in the region, is given by LV because of the expiry of the lease and the closing of poorly managed shops. But industry analysts believe that the cause of LV in China is a direct cause of the closed shop closed down. LVMH group released the latest report shows that the three quarter of the group’s total sales revenue of EUR 9 billion 138 million. Although the LV brand fashion leather Department made 3 billion 106 million euros in revenue, but the Department before the three quarter of the actual income increased from 16% in the same period last year fell to 1%, the worst in eight years, leading to LVMH group’s actual income increased from 18% last year fell 4%. The reasons for the decline in performance, expert analysis, first of all China’s luxury market into the downstream period. Bain, a consultancy, released the annual report on China’s luxury goods, saying that in 2014相关的主题文章: