5566 fit to kill memories of those years we had to chase the Taiwan team now okay w-inds.

5566 fit to kill memories of those years we had to chase the Taiwan team now OK Intro: 2016 Taiwan Golden Bell Award last night staged a scene of memories to kill! Taiwan was a combination of 5566 male idol sing a song "my body sad" immediately reminded 80, a group of 90 girls youth memories ~ remember those years the Taiwan entertainment industry very influential, many idol drama become a timeless classic, F4, 183club, fahrenheit…… Do you remember these idols? 2016 Golden Bell Award 5566 eight years after the fit again: 5566 Golden Bell Award sing 5566 Golden Bell Awards Red Carpet fit 5566 since 2008 after the dissolution of staff rarely attend public occasions, but no one can deny they have "debuted that burst of red". In 2001, an idol drama "MVP lover" let the new group popularity soared by the theme song they sang "I’m sorry" has become a fan of the youth of a representative BGM. Last night, Taiwan Golden Bell award 5 people finally fit again interpretation of the famous song, although out of tune, tune a decline, but the scene is still moving a tear, are full of memories! 5566 according to the 5566 photos from the rehearsal rehearsal before published pictures of view, everyone in order to 5566 the "golden body" is closed for many years no less efforts to restore image to lose weight. A non mainstream style: Tony Sun, Wang Renfu, Sam Wang, Xu Mengzhe, Peng Kangyu, the original 5 members, but when Peng Kangyu for the 2003 Singapore Concert Rehearsal of the sprained his waist and pulled out of the 5566. The style is elegant, even wore a non mainstream style but sunshine boy temperament is still very appealing, belong to the era of idols of simple sense really memorable. However, after a lapse of 8 years and then look back at the idol, jet lag brought about by the visual discomfort can not help but sigh: when the fans love is really simple ah! Now to say "Idol" is the first to jump out of the word "Yan value"? That probably only Xu Mengzhe in line with the current idol aesthetic bar…… The original 8 years ago, not only looks like flowers and small meat was favored, charm is the soul of the team. Taiwan idol drama "MVP lover" said 5566 must not miss this drama: "MVP lover"! In 2002 as the premiere with a score of 5.02% year idol drama ratings record, Joe Chen in the play only three female, the female Lord Angela Chang’s popularity is not blowing. At that time the high streets and back lanes boutiques, stationery stores are selling the main men token of "blue widgets" went from door to door store to pick color in order to buy the "small ball" as like as two peas and a series hanging on the mobile phone, the exposure age experience I will say…… But 08 years fourth album "cheers", by Wang Renfu Xu Mengzhe in the army and parental guidance, and before the expiry of 5566 companies, and therefore the dissolution. The members of Yan value comparison of past and present: Tony Sun, Wang Renfu – Tony Sun is the captain of the contrast, while long a pair of small eyes!相关的主题文章: