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4 year old boy suffering from autism, reason is parents’ behavior – Sohu recently went to the barber shop baby friends, my friends and I talked a lot. It was a shocking news that another friend’s son had a severe autism spectrum disorder. Now parents leave their children with special treatment in the hospital, you can learn that the reasons for parents to regret not. Friends of the son of small treasure this year, four years old, had just walked very naughty cute. Now see acquaintances do not dare to say hello, a person can watch TV for one day, or even sleep for a long time. Kim Baoai alone and still stay in a closed place, parents occasionally take him out, but he has been ignored or even temper. Small treasure this kind of situation frightened parents, parents decided to take him to the hospital to see, the result was diagnosed as autism. Doctors recommend long-term treatment, parents give their children more companionship and care. Small treasure parents special regret, the son has serious autism and parents have a great relationship. Small treasure mom loves to play mahjong, almost every day to play. When his mother came home, he went to bed, and when he woke up, his mother had gone to work. Little Jin Bao’s father right after playing the game, every little Jin Bao wants his father to accompany him to play when dad was at a meal. Parents accompany their children too little, so that the child will be closed their hearts. From then on, the child did not want to talk much, afraid of his words angered his parents, so that parents hate themselves. So to tell all parents, be sure to accompany their baby, let the baby grow up healthy and happy! I always love to buy things on the Internet, the husband abandon me money, buy something expensive! He had great difficulty, from his friend introduced me to a skirt, there are a lot of Tao Baotian cat inside coupons, shopping value, free to receive any Tmall store coupons, any store can be used, not to be too stingy, so everyone to share, buttoned skirt, skirt if [36426O8] never let you in, you say is Nathan friends.相关的主题文章: