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Reference-and-Education Looking for job opportunities on LinkedIn can be a double edged sword. On one side you have a number of useful connections to utilize in your networking efforts. On the other, you have your superiors and possibly even your peers to worry about. Keeping your job search on LinkedIn discreet is the best way to get around this problem. 1. Keep Your Profile Hidden Like all good social networking websites, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to protect your privacy. To start, select the Settings option on your profile and move on to Privacy Settings. Here you will find the Profile Views option. Change the setting so that when you browse through the profiles of others, they will not receive any knowledge of it. In this manner, you can peruse through profiles without tipping off anyone. 2. Prevent Frequent Activity Updates One way to attract potential hiring managers to your profile is by putting up a good headline and summary. However, every time you make changes, LinkedIn puts out an update, which will be noticed by your connections. This can be fixed by simply turning off the updates. For this, go to Privacy Settings and look for Profile and Status Updates. Here, you can simply prevent the updates from being broadcasted to your connections. 3. Stay out of the Public Eye! A rookie mistake made by employees is to make comments in public forums on LinkedIn. Whether it is a group or the Questions and Answer section, it is best to stay away from this when looking for a new job. Since your queries are public, there happens to be a good chance that one of your colleagues may spot it either directly or through a Google search (LinkedIn "Q and A" is indexed!) and potentially blow your chances of a quiet job search. Even with the activity changes you have made within your settings, this is one thing to avoid if you want to keep your job search on LinkedIn under wraps. 4. Headline and Summary Sections When you don’t have to worry about activity updates, you can sit down to create a stronger headline and summary combo. The headline shows up under your name in searches, so it is the first thing a potential hiring manager uses to qualify you. LinkedIn is not Facebook, which means that it is best to maintain a sense of professionalism here. A sample headline to avoid: "Here to party! Working as a digital consultant at ABC! Hit me up for a connection." Make sure your headline is inviting enough for your profile viewers, but does not hint at you being dissatisfied with your current position. The same applies for the summary as well. Following these four tips will properly optimize your profile and not only keep your job search on LinkedIn discreet, but allow it to be a successful endeavor. About the Author: Tyrone Norwood, CPRW, President of Norwood Consulting Group, is a nationally recognized resume and LinkedIn Profile writer, career expert, and recruiter who delivers quantifiable results for career-minded professionals through innovative and highly effective job search and career strategies. For a FREE consultation, please go to http://www.norwoodconsulting.org Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: