27 Alipay more than 50 frozen Lai was forced to deduct a money-doat

27 Alipay more than 50 old Lai frozen a money was forced to deduct the contemporary life daily news (reporter Wang Si     messenger   Su Lingyan) yesterday was the Tmall "double 11" global carnival, many people in order to facilitate online shopping payment, advance money transfer to Alipay account. This year, Nanning City Jiangnan District Court judge to "Henzhao" through Alipay chase "laolai". The executive judge of the Alipay company in Hangzhou, on the 50 "Laolai" Alipay, Yu Ebao account balances, transaction details, delivery address and other inquiries. In this investigation, only a day in November 10th, there are 27 "Laolai" Alipay, Yu Ebao account funds more than 50 yuan has been frozen by the court. 9 has been missing "Laolai" captured 4 "Laolai" sentenced to judicial custody. Run away "Laolai" Alipay was forced to deduct money in the account in November 9th, from the "double 11" less than two days, "Laolai" Qinmou did not expect him to "80 thousand yuan double 11 shopping early in Alipay account, was found and the deduction of compulsory execution judge. This is the Nanning City Jiangnan District Court on the basis of the first case of "Laolai" Alipay information to deduct the deposit. Qin and Liao Mouyuan is a neighbor, from 2014 onwards, Qin to set up shop on the grounds, one after another to the borrower more than 30 yuan. Although Qin has been returned, but as early as 2016, still less than a few million yuan Liao also not yet. February 2016 onwards, Liao found Qin moved away from the original residence and replace the phone, completely lost contact. In desperation, liaomou will Qinmou to the Southern District court. Qin was hiding, the court had to be absent, and in accordance with the relevant evidence to determine the return of a certain number of 25 yuan qin. After a certain application to the court to enforce, Qin finally appeared, but he insisted that no money to perform. The implementation of the judge through multi query, did not find the name of the Qin deposit, vehicles, real estate and other executable property. The judge also had to make a judicial detention detention decision, but the case is still unable to make progress. Subsequently, the implementation of the judge on the case of a loan to re sort qin. Liaomou to reflect the implementation of the judge, before Qin claimed that "money shop", but has never seen the rental shop, he often saw Qinmou received express parcels, Qinmou not at home also commissioned her to sign for the parcel. Executive judge speculated that Qin may open an online shop, even if there is no open shop, frequent collection of parcels, that Qin should also be frequent transactions on the shopping site. In November 9th this year, the hospital executive judges from Nanning to Hangzhou Alipay company, the 50 "Laolai" Alipay, Yu Ebao account balances, transaction details, delivery address to the query. In this investigation, indeed, Qin moucheng the payment platform first query with fox’s tail, Qinmou in Alipay account to check the balance of 8 yuan. Alipay recharge time display for the November 8th 15 pm. The executive judge immediately made a deduction and ruling to freeze, the balance of all deduction, and will Qinmou Alipay, PayPal account balance has been frozen. Original.相关的主题文章: