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"234 love you"   Ariel Lin Qin Hao poster exposure; interpretation of the movie " dwelling; " – people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: "I love you" 234 exposure posters of Ariel Lin Qin Hao interpretation of the film version of "dwelling" workplace love movie "234" love you recently exposed a group of characters posters. The drama queen Ariel Lin and the man of God film starring Qin Hao, Jian Honglin, Cai Shuzhen, Zhou Hengyin portrait of joining. The film is mainly around the new rookie Ariel Lin entering the social emotional entanglements, a hesitant story in the dream and the reality of the collision between. The new job floundered emotional love Ariel Lin in sweet and sour fermentation also like most newly graduated young man Hai resume, wearing a dress in heels in a variety of interview, face – have not seen the interviewer has been told that the election; HR ideal salary has not hide a dagger behind a smile, his entry; too much work endless, calling "focus on training, comprehensive training and other issues. Not with a model of several offer students, the youth is not ideal ambition, no superior "career line" of Ariel Lin, her boyfriend can only put arms for comfort, forfeasting a scoundrel shamelessly, but happened to meet her boyfriend conscription into the army, soon to be separated to a long distance relationship, "to Paris" it seems more and more unrealistic promises. The troupe’s casting rehearsal, the Ariel Lin campaign has been a female director job "no emotional experience", it is sad reminder of the capital "". Try to be useful in school, career and emotional value only results. Explicit the gap between reality and dream, so that Ariel Lin faces tremendous pressure transition. At this time, Qin Hao played the diamond lover appeared in front of Ariel Lin. Qin Hao and her boyfriend’s life — vary widely in jewelry design work, leisure time practicing horsemanship, in polite society, Godard and Fellini art film, so a man of petty bourgeoisie, and this woman is very gentle, gentle also hide some childish "sensitive and fragile". The values of impact of love, bread dilemma posters, revealing unspeakable affection between Ariel Lin and Qin Hao in the eyes of each other, each other heart, but was the identity of fetter, two starring with its superb acting interpretation of this complex and delicate mood. The Ariel Lin is a large scale knifefishes battle, before an anti fresh and pure screen image, showing "Cougar" charm. While with her boyfriend Jian Honglin interaction, is very fresh and pure, and even some sentimental, her boyfriend is also very adorable adorable face, is simply moving expression package. Like all love stories, Ariel Lin had to face emotional choices. The choice of her boyfriend, is a choice of life, secular stability, the choice of Qin Hao, is to choose a better quality of life, the dream into reality. For the play of Ariel Lin, not the bread of love is shabby. 234 "I love you" in the beginning of the shooting will be known as the film version of "dwelling", between the two is not the same. "234 love you"相关的主题文章: