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2016 Chinese summer Yabuli entrepreneurs forum summit opening   Mr Hu Heping – local leaders — people.com.cn original title: 2016 Chinese Yabuli entrepreneurs forum summer summit opening in August 25th, 2016 Chinese Yabuli entrepreneurs forum summer summit opens in Xi’an. The opening ceremony, (Shaanxi) provincial government and China Yabuli entrepreneurs forum development research foundation and key member enterprises signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Governor Hu Heping and witnessed the signing of the contract. Vice governor Wang Lixia to participate in relevant activities. China Yabuli entrepreneurs forum honorary chairman Liu Mingkang, chairman of Chen Dongsheng attended. China Yabuli entrepreneurs forum chairman, Lenovo Group Chairman and chief executive officer Yang Yuanqing speech. Hu Heping congratulated the opening of Yabuli forum summit, he said, in the background of China comprehensive economy has entered a new norm, the summit of the "history of Chinese economy" as the theme, focus on innovation driven, intelligent manufacturing, sharing economy, health, "The Belt and Road" and other hot topics for discussion, forward-looking and the very strong practical significance. Shaanxi is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization, once in Chinese economic evolution "history" has played an extremely important role, the once again embarked on a fast track of development, will become the country’s future development of a new growth pole. "13th Five-Year" period, Shaanxi will be in accordance with the position of general secretary Xi Jinping chased beyond "and" five solid ", based on the vast space bearing development, support the development of mining resources, release the unlimited potential to lead the development, efforts to achieve a higher level of development. Shaanxi welcomes all enterprises relying on their own advantages, in promoting industrial restructuring and upgrading, deepening the innovation driven transformation of innovation achievements, and participate in international competition, strengthen infrastructure construction and other aspects, and we carry out multi-level, multi angle, all-round cooperation. Shaanxi will create a good market environment for the development of enterprises, government environment, legal environment and business environment, and we work together to achieve win-win development. Yang Yuanqing said, China enterprises to make good use of globalization, "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, boldly go out to seek a breakthrough, to achieve industrial upgrading power, China manufacturing shift to China made, through the output of an internationally influential brand and products, enhance corporate influence, achieve the corner overtaking goal. Asian investment bank governor Jin Liqun Jiang Jianqing, former chairman of ICBC, Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li, Ctrip chairman of the board and chief executive officer Liang Jianzhang, United States National Academy of Sciences, Baekje China founder Wang Xiaodong, China Yabuli entrepreneurs forum chief economist Zhang Weiying has on artificial intelligence, the manufacturing industry of national innovation and talent the road of internationalization strategy, manufacturing as the theme of a speech. Chen Guoqiang, Secretary General of the provincial government to participate in related activities. (reporter Zhou Ming) (Yu Hai Chong, Xu Donger: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: