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14 in the League Cup final draw: Liverpool United signed in the hammers – Sohu sports in Beijing on October 27th morning, the 201617 season England League Cup 18 finals end, with Mata lore, Manchester United’s 1-0 win over Manchester City to get home court the last eight places, with Liverpool, Southampton, a senna, Hull City, Newcastle, West Ham and Liz with seven teams together into 14 finals. Manchester City Derby after the end of this season’s Carling Cup final 14 draw. Liverpool draw up, will be at Anfield against Championship side Liz, another championship side Newcastle away in the city of Hull, Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium against Southampton, at Old Trafford against West Ham United to continue. According to this season’s Carling Cup Schedule, the final will be 14 in November 29th and 30 in the two match day, the party will enter the semi-finals; semi final tournament will take two rounds, scoring more party finals. This season’s Carling Cup final will be in February 26th next year, the place is at Wembley Stadium in london. The following is the 14 in the League Cup final draw results (column by the former home court advantage): Liverpool VS Liz VS VS Hull of Southampton and West Ham United Arsenal city VS Newcastle (Torres)相关的主题文章: