13th Five-Year to resettle people in planning the relocation plan about 9 million 810 thousand new n-isobuster

"13th Five-Year" to resettle people in planning: the relocation plan about 9 million 810 thousand new network "13th Five-Year" to resettle planning issued five year plan to relocate tens of millions of poor people in Beijing on 22 September, (reporter Zhao Zhanhui) reporter 22 from the national development and Reform Commission, approved by the state Council, the "national" 13th Five-Year "the relocation of poverty alleviation plan" recently issued, plans within 5 years to nearly 10 million participatory poverty implementation to resettle. "Planning" clear, moving object is "one side of the water can not afford the poor filing riser after verification of poverty alleviation and development of participatory information system of one person" area, about 9 million 810 thousand people. The relocation of the region involves about 22 counties in the province of about 1400. "Planning" proposed that the centralized resettlement of the population accounted for 76.4% of the total size of the relocated population, the number of people involved in the relocation of the relocation of the total size of the population of 23.6%. According to estimates, the implementation of the 9 million 810 thousand participatory poverty population to be relocated to investment of about 600 billion yuan, together with the relocation of population housing construction investment, "13th Five-Year" period to resettle project planning a total investment of about 950 billion yuan. "Plan" clearly the source of financing, which, in addition to a substantial increase in the central budget for investment, the first introduction of the development of policy based financial funds, greatly broaden the funding channels.相关的主题文章: