12 people in a row of rental houses in Ningbo were trapped by a gas explosion in the house-zhongguorentiyishu

A row of rental houses collapsed in Ningbo. 12 families were trapped in the gas explosion inside the house. At 2:10 a.m. the day before yesterday, a row of renting houses collapsed suddenly, awakening the villagers of Yokoyama village, Fengshan street, Ningbo, Yuyao. 12 people were trapped and 8 were injured. The sudden accident let everyone injured fortunately, still suffering from the shock, the situation is not very serious. So how did the accident happen? More than 10 years of age is not too long, so we are very concerned about the progress of the investigation. In yesterday’s report, the reporter has mentioned that the tenants suspected of finding objects in the ruins were suspected of explosions, which resulted in the collapse of houses. But the gas tanks that moved out of the house were all intact, which made the villagers a bit confused. Yesterday 18:23, Yuyao City, Fengshan Street Office official micro-blog @ Fengshan street for this update again in September 26th occurred in the early morning of five-star Village rental housing collapse accident, the public security and relevant departments for investigation, preliminary determination is due to gas explosion caused by the collapse of housing estates. The reporter checked the matter to the Yuyao Public Security Bureau, and the public security department said the cause of the collapse was not completely clear.

宁波一排出租屋倒塌12户人员被困 系屋内气体爆炸所致   前天凌晨2点10分许,一排出租屋的突然倒塌,惊醒了宁波余姚市凤山街道五星村横山峧的村民们。   12户人员被困,另有8人受伤。突如其来的意外让大家惊魂未定,好在,伤者情况并不是很严重。   那么这起事故到底是怎么引起的?十多年的房龄并不算太久,所以大家很关心调查的进展。   在昨天的报道中,记者已提到过,现场在废墟中寻找物品的当事租户怀疑,是由于房屋内部先行发生了爆炸,巨大冲力造成了房屋坍塌。不过从屋内搬出的煤气罐又都完好无损,这让村民们有些困惑。   昨天18:23,余姚市凤山街道办事处官方微博@凤山街道 针对此事再次更新了进展:   9月26日凌晨发生在五星村的出租房倒塌事故,经公安及有关部门调查,初步认定是由于屋内气体爆炸造成房屋倒塌。   记者就此事向余姚市公安局核实,公安部门表示,这起倒塌事故的原因尚未完全明确。相关的主题文章: