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11 double beauty appliances a big move for the first time cross docking of Southern Song Guan kiln – Sohu science and technology information network technology Chinese November 12th news: when modern appliances in the Southern Song Guan two will have a chemical reaction, what? Double eleven day, kitchen electric joint research by the Southern Song Guan launched an original price up to 3000 yuan AH electric cooker, the cooker liner from ore excavation, milling slurry to high-temperature calcination, using a combination of Southern Song Guan kiln authentic forging method. The scene of a beautiful staff, "AH is used in stone pot liner, the liner compared to the general electric cooker + metal coating more healthy, and the point of penetration of variable frequency heating technology, faster heating." The person in charge of the project and R & D Engineer Peng Dingyuan introduced, this product research and development after 21 months, more than 32000 research by more than 60 technical personnel, but also won the patent for the invention of the 9". Non material Cultural Heritage Representative Director, Research Institute of Zhejiang province of Southern Song Guan heritage Li Yue Ning also at the scene, he had lost the Southern Song Guan core skills "repeated glazing method" restoration. It said, "the design of the traditional process kiln to recover the appliances, the traditional craft heritage kiln". In addition, the AH pot of china bowl design won the 2016 German IF design awards, but also a finalist in the world’s most authoritative industrial design, one of the three gold award, the United States IDEA awards. Shi Xianglong, general manager of the United States kitchen appliances division of domestic marketing company, said in 2015, the United States R & D investment as high as 5 billion 300 million. According to public information, as of September 2016, the domestic A-share market, 15 home appliance enterprises, in addition to GREE did not disclose, the other 14 R & D investment in household electrical appliance enterprises accounted for the proportion of the average revenue of $3.42% for the company. In addition, the group of the United States to force overseas mergers and acquisitions, this year has completed the "three purchase", in March the acquisition of Toshiba appliances, May acquisition of German KUKA, June acquisition of Italy Clivet. Such a huge investment in the field of home appliances in the United States what transformation plan? Shi Xianglong said, "small appliances are a big market, the future development of such research represents the direction of the industry", and Peng Dingyuan said, "after the wood liner, a glass liner, bamboo liner will be electric kitchen beauty in the direction of the cross-border innovation" at the same time, the United States announced a double eleven real-time data, electric kitchen beauty sale 5 minutes, 30 minutes to break 50 million; sale exceeded 150 million yuan, an increase of nearly 300% micro roast category, the proportion of the first, the smoke and dust collector embedded stove, dishwasher category grew more than 200%, several times higher than the growth rate, the proportion of the first.相关的主题文章: